How To Take Two Cats On A Plane – Flying Felines

Flying with two cats on a plane can be a challenging yet rewarding experience for pet owners. Ensuring their comfort and safety is paramount. From proper carrier selection to familiarizing them with the cats travel process, careful planning and preparation are essential. Discover practical tips and expert advice for a smooth how to take two cats on a plane feline-friendly journey ahead.

1-Preparing Your Cats for Travel

We know how much you adore your feline friends, and taking them on a plane adventure sounds like a fun idea! But hey, before you embark on this exciting journey, let’s make sure your adorable furballs are all set for their first flight.

Visit the Veterinarian

So the first thing on your checklist is a vet visit. It might not be your cats’ favorite outing, but it’s essential to ensure they are in top-notch health for travel. Your friendly neighborhood vet will give them a thorough check-up and even provide a health certificate if the airline requires one. Keeping our feline buddies healthy and happy is always a priority!

Update Vaccinations and Microchips

We’re talking about your cats’ vaccinations! Making sure they are up-to-date on shots is essential for a smooth journey. Plus, getting them microchipped adds an extra layer of protection. In case they decide to explore the airport on their own (as cats often do), you’ll have a higher chance of finding them with those microchips!

Acclimatize Your Cats to Carriers

Those mysterious boxes that cats have mixed feelings about. To make the travel experience less anxiety-inducing, let’s get them familiar with their carriers. Leave those carriers open at home, add some comfy bedding and a few treats inside, and let your curious cats do the exploring. They’ll be purring with gratitude during the trip!

Train Cats for Airline Travel

We’re not turning your cats into pilots, but training them for air travel is super helpful. You can play airplane sounds or show them videos with those hummy engines to get them used to the sounds. Also, let’s take some short car rides with them in their carriers it’s like a mini adventure before the big one! Reward them with treats and cuddles for being little cat flying plane champs!

2-Choosing the Right Airline

Now that your adorable meowers are all prepped, it’s time to pick the perfect airline for your journey. Meow-velous!

Research Airline Pet Policies

Different airlines have different pet policies, so let’s dig into some research. Check out their websites or give them a call to find out all the purr-ticulars about traveling with pets. Trust us; this info is invaluable for a smooth flight with your fluffy companions!

Check Pet Carrier Requirements

Hey, it’s carrier talk again! Just make sure your cat’s carrier meets the airline’s guidelines. They’ll need enough space to stretch, turn around, and chill comfortably. Also, attach a little tag with your contact info just in case they decide to leave you a note during the flight!

Book Direct Flights When Possible

layovers can be tiresome for us humans, and it’s no different for your cats. So if you can, book direct flights. It’s like going straight to the cozy lap of your destination without any detours.

3-Packing Essentials for Your Cats

Time to pack those bags (or carriers) with all the essentials for your feline travel buddies! Let’s make sure they have everything they need to stay comfortable and happy during the journey.

Essential Documents

Yep, documents matter even for our whiskered pals. So, before you head to the airport, make sure you have all the required papers. A health certificate from the vet, vaccination records, and any other necessary paperwork – keep it all in a safe spot.

Travel-Approved Cat Carriers

Let’s talk about carriers once more because they’re like mini-hotel rooms for your cats during the flight. Ensure they’re approved by the airline and have all the creature comforts your feline divas deserve. A well-ventilated and secure carrier is the way to go!

Familiar Items for Comfort

We all love our home comforts, and so do your cats. Pack their favorite food and water bowls, their softest blankets, and a few toys to remind them of home. Ah, the sweet smell of familiarity  it’s like catnip for their souls!

4-Tips for a Smooth Airport Experience

Airports can be bustling places, and let’s face it, they can be a bit intimidating for our cats. But hey, with some smart moves, we can make this airport adventure purr-tastic!

Arrive Early at the Airport

Yep, just like with any trip, it’s better to be early and avoid the last-minute dash. Arriving with plenty of time will give you the chance to complete all the necessary paperwork and get your cats settled before takeoff.

Going Through Security Checkpoints

Hold your cats in your arms while their carriers go through the X-ray machine. Stay calm and follow the instructions of those friendly airport staff. Remember, patience is a virtue, and your feline friends will appreciate your calm demeanor.

Calming Techniques for Cats

Airport noises can be a bit overwhelming, but we’ve got this! Soothe your cats with gentle strokes and soft whispers. You can also use pheromone sprays to create a more relaxing environment. Ah, the purr-fect recipe for a stress-free airport experience!

5-Onboard the Plane

You and your feline darlings are about to take to the skies. Let’s make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Boarding Process with Pets

Keep those kitties safely in their carriers until you’re comfortably seated. Trust us; it’s better than trying to juggle furry escape artists during the boarding chaos. A calm and collected approach is the key!

Placing Carriers Under the Seat

Now, this is your cats’ designated spot for the flight right under the seat in front of you. It’s like their own little in-flight kitty condo! Just ensure there’s enough ventilation, and they’re all set for a meow-morable journey.

Managing In-Flight Comfort

Check on your cats occasionally during the flight, but try not to open their carriers too often. They’ll appreciate some privacy as they snooze or watch the clouds go by. A few treats or toys will keep them entertained and content.

6-Dealing with Cat Needs During the Flight

We all have our needs, and your cats are no different. Here’s how to cater to their necessities during the flight.

Handling Bathroom Breaks

Nature calls, even at 30,000 feet! To avoid any mid-air accidents, make sure your cats use the litter box before the flight. And go easy on the pre-flight meal we all know how that can lead to sudden urges!

Providing Food and Water

A little nibble here and there is just what the in-flight menu calls for. Offer your cats small portions of their favorite food to keep them energized. And don’t forget the water hydration is key, even when soaring through the skies.

Keeping Cats Calm During the Journey

Cats can be a bit anxious during travel, but that’s where your calming superpowers come in. Offer them some gentle strokes and reassuring


How to take two cats on a plane traveling requires careful planning and consideration. Prioritize their comfort and safety by acclimating them to carriers, providing familiar items, and consulting a veterinarian. Adhering to airline regulations and staying calm throughout the journey ensures a smooth and stress-free experience for both feline companions and their owners.

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