How to Soften Dry Cat Food in 2022

Looking for a way to soften dry cat food so your cat can digest it properly? Well, you are in luck. 

If your cat is having difficulty digesting dry food, you may want to try wet food instead. Wet food provides the moisture your cat needs to digest the food properly and helps keep its fur clean and healthy.

Any pet owners find that their cats become addicted to dry food and refuse to eat anything else. If so, you might be interested in trying out a wet food diet. Wet food is a great way to soften dry cat food and provides your cat with the nutrients and moisture it needs.

This guide will teach you several methods to soften dry cat food. 

How do I soften my cat’s dry cat food?

While your cat’s favorite dry food may very well be the only one he can eat, you should be trying to use different foods, so it doesn’t become an issue. 

Wet food has slowly taken over recently due to how straightforward it is for cats (and dogs) to digest. If left unmanaged, this will eventually lead your cat to eat nothing but wet food instead of chewable kibble every day. 

Though it may be tempting to try and soften your cat’s dry food, you should know that soft treats are not indeed an option for most cats. This is because there isn’t much research on which types the cats like as much or even at all. 

Soft foods contain small amounts of natural nutrients compared to crunchy foods. You will harm your pet if they attempt to digest the soft food.

Most cats who roll over in front of the treat dish will get a belly rub as thanks for performing this service, but before too long, they’ll be less interested and even more discouraged to interact with you again during mealtime. 

There are several ways how to soften dry cat food quickly. Most of these methods will be discussed here below.

Add Water to cat food.

The first way to soften dry cat food that you can try is by adding water to the kibble. This may not work for most cats, but many soft foods are already softened when sold in a bag. 

The next best thing would be getting your hard-to-soften cat’s food from one of those massive wet pet food chains. They’ll ensure it contains all-natural ingredients and flavors, so it should be suitable for your cat. 

In general, though, dry cat food is best if it hasn’t been indeed softened. Some water to the kibble will generally do the trick when that doesn’t work.

The following straightforward method comes from consulting your vet. The standard advice from vets is not to add too much or too little of anything because this might cause further problems for the compromised digestive system. 

Use a Blender to mash cat food

A blender can be used for softening dry cat food. Specifically, a blender is needed if the filling of your kibble is not already ground before being put into your pet’s little stomach snack factory. 

Blenders are also useful stock tools so you can make pesto or other pills easily, but they come in handy more than once here because they mimic how cats eat their food. This is a nifty and effective method to soften cat food using your blender bottle. 

Just mix the filling of your kibble with water first in a liquid state to make it easier for the entire mass when you begin blending those materials into one smoothie-like mixture that feeds quickly through their digestive tracts across their bodies as soon as they swallow their dinner.

Add Broth to cat food

Another way cats’ different stomachs break down certain kinds of nutrients and fibers is for optimal digestion. 

For example, seafood (in the Broth) is suitable for humans but wrong to use with fish because it neutralizes or destroys the natural antioxidant Phytol mining from their shining carcasses before they can get broken down faster by their digestive systems.

Using Broth in cat food helps those long-time problems like indigestion, constipation, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and bloated tummies. 

Plain water gets a bad rap because it doesn’t get in there fast enough to break down some of the starches like rice or corn (safe crawl able like carrots are fine, though!), and the proteins fill up fluid bags within their bodies and make them bloated. 

Water can cause an upset stomach or even more severe consequences, though, except if the cat is already stressed by yeast overgrowth, parasite infestation, a food allergy of some kind (though it’s hard to know that with cats), etc. Brewing your filtrate works with water because you have just distilled tea-quality chamomile flower petals in there already for your machine.


Softening your cat’s dry food can be daunting, but it’s not as hard as you might think. You can ease the food using a blender or add water and Broth. However, be aware that adding too much water or Broth can cause your cat to become sick. In addition, be sure to discuss any changes you make to your cat’s diet with them first. They will likely appreciate the effort you’re putting in to make their food more comfortable for them.


How can we encourage our cats to eat dry food?

There are a few things that you can do to encourage your cat to eat dry food. One tactic is to mix the dry food with kibble or wet food so that your cat has something different to work for. Another way is to put the dry food in a small toy or cheesecloth and give it to them as a special treat. Finally, ensure that the dish where the freeze-dried food sits is clean and empty most of the time so that they don’t associate eating from one location with being unable/allowed to eat from other places in the house.

Why does my cat hate dry food and will only eat Temptation Treats?

More and more cats are refusing to eat dry food, which is often unknown. Some people believe feeding wet cat food instead of dry food may make them feel sassy or disobedient; others think it’s simply because most dry foods contain too many additives for kitties to digest.

Whatever the reason, you might want to try switching your cat over to Temptation Treats to see if this meal appeals more to them. These treats are made from real meat (including poultry), vegetables, fruits, and grains which help satisfy their hunger while providing essential nutrients for good health. Additionally, these treats do not contain artificial colors or flavors that may upset your pet’s stomach.

When I feed my cat, she’ll eat a little bit and then wait until I’m eating to finish her meal. Why?

Cats are naturally hunter-gatherers; as such, they typically eat when they’re hungry and stop eating when they’re full. This is why it can be helpful to feed your cat on a schedule so that she knows when her next meal is coming. Some people prefer to feed their cats once daily at dinner time rather than providing them throughout the day because this will keep them healthier overall.

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