Top 7 Best Cat Brush for Long Hairs of 2022


There are a lot of things you have to know about your cat. Brushing your cat could be necessary and challenging, especially if you have the type of breed that requires daily brushing because of the urgent growth of hairs. So, you need to know about those brushes regularly to avoid matting in fur. To do this, you will find the best brushes for long hair cats.

Usually, long hair breeds are stunningly beautiful and silky, but cats’ coats require extra care to keep their fur tangles and matted-free.

Therefore, breeds need a lot of attention because fur could quickly get involved with dust, lice, matting, and other stuff.

One thing that makes your life easier to deal with a long-haired cat is good-quality brushes.

So, in this article, we provide a detailed review of products designed in such a way to help you to find the best quality brushes.

There are so many brushes in the market that it is a little confusing how to choose the best one.

Although you have found a great place, we will show you a comparison of the best brushes at reasonable prices. So, stay tuned and explore for more exciting information.

Brushes needed for long hair cats

Probably, some groomers personally believe there are two types of brushes on the market. One is for an undercoat that manages your cat’s thick undercoat. Another is topcoat brushes that need to remove all dead hairs and smooth their topcoat quickly. Understand what is Undercoat and topcoat.


Compared to a topcoat undercoat has a soft, silky, and downy texture that ultimately protects your pet from insulation. It provides more protection to your pet.


Topcoats have usually seen on top of fur or animals. The topcoat is covered with long beautiful, and soft-colored hairs. If you push back your fur, you’ll see a different type of fur.

Things to consider for brushing long-haired cats

How much time you invest in brushing cats, then there will be less chance of troubling cats into mats, tangles, and knots. Usually, my habit is brushing after every three to four days. The longer you delay brushing, the more likely chance of developing mats, knots, and tangles.

There are a few things you must ensure by brushing your pet.

  • Your pet should feel comfortable and relaxed and improve quality daily.
  • Ensure that mats/tangles and knots are decreased gradually.
  • By regular usage of brushing, your pet will better and improve blood flow in the body, which you must ensure day by day.
  • To keep your cat healthy and active and stay tuned, you need to spread natural oils throughout the cat’s coat for shinier hairs.
  • If fewer nits and fleas are in the hair, they will have less chance of spreading all over the cat fur.

Although be sure of all the above points, it will help keep your home clean and neat.

Essential Guide for buying long haired cats brushes

First, before buying a long-haired cat’s brush, it is essential to get lots of information and look at all options. Then you decide further which best one is going to suit your cat. Here are some facts and points you must consider while buying a cat brush.

These are as follows.

1. Grooming tools

To make sure that grooming tools get the best results, you must deal with brushing with the perfect grooming technique. When you focus on grooming your cat, the best way to deal with long-haired cats is to use a different type of brush. It would help if you had to use several types of combs. It will depend on the length and thickness of your pet’s fur.

Cat shedding brushes are the extremely best tools to deal with tangled hairs because they deal daily for more maintenance. These shedding brushes are easy to use and lifesavers for long-coated cats with a fair amount of fur.

One thing you should consider is tangles and mats on long-haired cats. You may know to prevent these as much as possible because long tangles and matted can damage your cat’s skin. 

2. Brushes quality and material 

There are two types of brushes that come on the market quality-wise.

Generally, these are made from either plastic or stainless steel. Professional groomers recommend always using stainless steel brush because it will last a long time and perform with extreme resistance to wear & tear. 

In the case of plastic materials, they will perform best for a short period. With the usage of a plastic comb, there will be less chance of irritating your cat while brushing. If you have a low budget, you can go ahead with plastic material.

Best components to consider for a long-haired cat brush

To keep your loved pet safe, healthy, happy, and active, look at a possible thing that looks best. Look at some essential components when deciding which type of brush will give you the best results. These are,

●    Blades: – how much old is your cat? How much care is required to meet perfect grooming? It all depends on the blades. You choose a sturdy brush for tasks if your pet’s long hairs have coarse fur. A flexible metal brush and stainless-steel blade are also best for a job.

●    Brush handles: – It is crucial to look for long-hair cat brushes with suitable and perfect handling. Some brushes have a perfectly slippery grip that gives you extra control over the brush. 

●    Removed all mats and tangles: – some brushes have the extra quality to quickly remove all mats and tangles with only a few meetings. Choose a long-haired cat brush to look for a knot remover because it will efficiently help the dematting process.

●    Brushes design: – Always remember that if you want essential grooming, you need extra care on brush design. Some design comes down to your preference, cat parents! Some are straight and curved handles. Thumb rest and curved blade edge? Ultimately choosing the perfect design gives you the best results and easily removes all mats, knots, and tangles. 


Looking at different brushes in the market, you may see some attractive options for cat parents, who constantly battle endless amounts of fur on their pets. So self-cleaning brushes are an attractive option to clean a brush easily, or it offers a mechanism for your brushes to last longer and get all your money’s worth.

Our Top Picks

Overall Best
Hertzko Self Cleaning slicker brush

  • Easy to clean
  • Feel Comfortable
  • Rid of all Tangles
Budget Friendly
HARTZ, Groomer’s Best Small Slicker Brush

  • 6.5 inches of perfect grip
  • Perfect tool for small cats
  • Easily de-matting hairs
Best Value
Paws Pamper Undercoat Rake

  • Rounded blade edges
  • Wooden handles
  • Comfortable and beautifull

List of 7  Brushes quality and material

Product Review

1-Hertzko Self Cleaning slicker brush

HERTZKO Self-Cleaning Slicker

Hertzko’s self-cleaning slicker brush is overall the best product for long-haired cats. Hertzko cleaner is just the perfect brush to easily and comfortably get all nasty mats out of your pet’s fur.

One of the best points is to get rid of mats without hurting her. Get deep into the coat and groom the undercoat well without scratching the pet’s skin.

Groomers can easily judge what result they are getting by just brushing on your pet.

If you use Hertzko, pets look good and feel great. Hertzko brush increases blood circulation and improves the pet’s coat, which is also soft and shinier. 

Handling controls gives the best experience with comfortableness and durability. It is specially designed for an anti-slip handle, which prevents wrist strain no matter how long you use it on a pet.

Moreover, one of the best features of Hertzko’s self-cleaning slicker comes with a self-cleaning button. You press the button, the bristles act, and all tangled fur disappears from the brush. 

However, Hertzko prevents bending when you store it or move it. It will give you a great experience and good features for a good cause. 

Features: – 

  1. Users can feel comfortable, strong, and durable.
  2. It removed all nasty mats from the pet’s fur by just brushing.
  3. Get rid of all tangles and mats quickly without hurting your pet.
  4. Easy to clean by just pressing one button.
  5. After using Hertzko, your pet will look good and feel great.
  • Easily removed all furs by just a quick switch flip.
  • Increases blood circulation and gives more massages for healthy skin.
  • Anti-slippery handles, you can hold it easily.
  • Hertzko’s bristle penetrates deep and quickly into a coat.
  • The pins on the brush may hurt your pet.

2-HARTZ, Groomer’s Best Small Slicker Brush

Hartz Groomer's Best Slicker

We have reviewed different brushes but wholeheartedly say the best for a long-haired cat is HARTZ, a slicker brush. It is perfectly designed for suitable to all types of hairs like long, short and all coat types too. 

One of the main reasons this brush hits instantly among pet owners is because the pins have a rounded design, making your pet feel perfect with the cat’s delicate skin.

HARTZ, the groomer’s slicker brush, is specially designed for little cats and dogs. Product design is unique and especially useful for small pets. If you have these kinds of pets in your home, then HARTZ, the groomer’s slicker brush, is perfect for use. 

Hartz groomer’s slicker brush comes on the market with 3.5-inch bristles, which is the perfect fit for your feline pet properly with brushes. About the length, it is 6.5 inches, giving you the perfect grip for your little cats and pets. 

However, it helps you remove all tangles and matted furs easily by just brushing regularly. Using this one is especially good for beginners, and all your problems will get solved instantly, and then goodbye to your cat’s dandruff with just one use.

Features: –

  1. All loose hairs will be removed quickly and efficiently by brushing.
  2. It is a perfect tool for sensitive cat skin.
  3. With 6.5 inches of perfect grip, you can hold it for a longer time.
  4. Remove all tangles and matted furs easily.
  • Cushioned grips give you better results.
  • A perfect tool for sensitive small cats and pets.
  • Easily de-matting all loose hairs.
  • It may be irritating for you due to its small size.
  • Pins are so flexible and can bend easily.

3-Paws Pamper Undercoat Rake

Paws Pamper Undercoat Rake

If you are now looking for an undercoat rake that controls shedding and matting out of the day, then you need this one. It is the most effective tool to remove all matted and dead hairs by just brushing your pet.

Moreover, I am saying goodbye to their fuzzy dead undercoat in just a few days. You need to prove a de-matting tool, so it’s no matter how ordinary mats and tangles are on your pets. Especially if they have long hair, this one’s the best you can get.

Although look at the paw’s top features, it comes with stainless steel teeth blades with rounded edges that prevent skin irritation. Another quality it has is a premium, beautifully crafted brush with a wooden handle with complete tang construction.

Finally, I recommend it because it is an excellent product for all breeds. Incredibly usable for double-coated dogs and pets.

Although look at paw’s top features, it comes with stainless steel teeth blades with rounded blade edges that prevent skin irritation. Another quality it has is a premium beautifully crafted shaped brush with a wooden handle full tang construction.

  • Length: -7.4 inch
  • Width: – 2.75 inch
  • Rounded blade edges prevent skin irritation.
  • Wooden handles are comfortable and beautifully crafted.
  • Useful for all cat breeds.
  • May you face problems like doesn’t remove all mats easily.

4-GoPetsDouble Sided Pin and Bristle Brush

Professional Double Sided Pin

To deal with matted fur in long furs, you should consider GoPets Double-sided pin brush. One side brush of the product has unique 23 teeth covers shedding comb, and another comes with12 teeth helpful in removing loose hair and all dander.

While it almost looks like a perfect tool, it makes a pleasant experience for both felines and their owners. Many other tools deal with matting, but the bristle brush has sharp, rounded teeth that efficiently cut through all knots without pulling or scratching them.

Moreover, one of the most efficient tools deals with knots, mats, and shedding at once. You’ll experience it doesn’t waste time anyway because it acts as fast as possible. 

However, experienced cats love to brush with soft bristles made of high-quality nylon. It works perfectly while penetrating correctly inside a cat’s coat, even if it has a very thick coat. Always be confident, and don’t worry about a scratch on their skin.

  • A double-sided brush, like short, medium, and long hair, works for all types.
  • A rounded end brush makes it easy and comfortable for all pets.
  • Get rid of mats and loose hair quickly.
  • The handle can break easily.

5-Dak Pets Pet Grooming Brush

DakPets Pet Grooming Brush

Suppose you are looking for instant shedding removal from your pet. So, you are at the proper palace. Because I will describe that it has a 4.7-inch furminator-style makes your cat an easy-to-clean detachable head. One thing you remember is all tangles and mats out from the brush before using.

Moreover, the brush tool gives you a perfect grooming experience with its unique feature for more usability for cats and dogs. Dark pets allow you to remove all fur, stick everything, and float easily.

Additionally, it has high-quality replaceable stainless steel that protects the blade’s life span. Producers give you a durable rubber handle with a nonslip grip and a strong stem handle that will not break. You can apply it to both cats and dogs. Therefore, this brush is usually suitable for a single and double coat. While brushing will leave your pet with healthy, shiny coat skin. It will protect your pets from coat irritation and prevent damaging topcoats while promoting smooth, soft, and healthier skin and coat.

Features: –

  1. The brush has a detachable 4-inch rust-resistant blade that removes loose hair and protects the undercoat, ultimately promoting healthy skin and coat.
  2. By quick-release button, it will remove all matted hairs easily.
  3. Surely, it will give you more comfort from their ergonomic nonslip handle.
  • It has an excellent, efficient design that minimizes shedding in your pet.
  • Several color options are available in the market.
  • Brushing produces a non-irritant sensation on the cat’s coat.
  • It is the most convenient cheap tool for cat owners.
  • The handle can be challenging because it is not padded, which might be challenging for you.

6-GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided

GoPets Dematting Comb

Best brushes make pet undercoats healthy and shiny.

If you are now looking at brushes that give you perfect experience with all breeds sizes, large and small or long & medium coats, GoPets de-matting comb is a perfect choice.

Despite diligent slicker brush use and deshedding on your pet, there will be less chance of getting into trouble. Start it on the armpits and neck, and then apply it to her belly regularly.

For good results and healthy skin, keep the brush on tangles and mats, which requires more brushing and sessions to clear.

Further explored, it has a double side brush which consists of multiple teeth on both sides. It is your choice which side gives you good results. The front side of the brush has 12 teeth for more complex mats and tangles. At the same time, the other side has 23 teeth for thin dishes and gives you faster results.

Sharp and faster blades have stainless that cut mats and tangles quickly instead of all hair. Rounded-edged teeth blades ensure they won’t scratch or irritate the cat’s skin. 

  • 2.25 inches’ blades are perfect for pets of all sizes.
  • It helps to remove clumps with a comfortable gel handle.
  • It has two-sided teeth at an affordable price.
  • Don’t apply it in more complicated places because teeth can break out.

7-KylePet Double Sided Pet Slicker Brush

KylePet Dog Brush,

The KylePet double-sided pet slicker brush is our final product for long hair cats. It is a pretty good comb for long-haired cats. It has a double-sided brush with short and long teeth not only groom your cat but also stimulate hair follicles together with their skin.

Moreover, a great feature of this comb steel is that it can easily remove tangles, mats, and loose hair. Because it has two sides of teeth options, one is perfect for coarse, and another one is fine. You can get all the control over it while brushing.

Core function grooms your cat by massages. Smooth out all hair after detangling hairs. Brushing teeth helps pet skin to keep healthy and confident. 

Indeed, it builds quality material: lightweight bamboo handle, rounded-end pins on both sides of the brush. And the last feature is it has perfect bristles.

Frequently, this brush gives you a perfect, excellent look. This brush is easy to clean out all tangles and matted hairs. The last point I suggest you if you want the cheapest brush so go with this because the market price is approximately only 10$.

  • Having a very convenient brush has a bristle side and pin side.
  • This brush brings a soft and comfortable feel to all pets.
  • The handle is well made so that it is easy to clean your pet hairs.
  • This brush may irritate your pet.


It is confirmed that you will most likely need different tools to groom your long-haired cat. The best and most recommended tool that my friend has ever used is Hertzko Self Cleaning slicker brush. It gives you a perfect result by using it regularly, massively reducing all mattes and knots in a few days.

For professional grooming, always use a kit of the first three products mentioned above. If your budget allows you to do that, go on the online market and avail yourself of a chance to get perfect grooming.

I heartily recommend Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush and Hartz groomer slicker are great option tools to use together.


How can I brush long-haired cats without any hesitation?

There are a few different ways that you can brush your long hair cat without any hesitation. One way is to use a slicker brush, which fans out the fur and allows for better brushing. You can also use a bristle brush or an electronic pet grooming system. Whichever method you choose, be sure to gently tap the bristles against your cat’s skin before brushing to prevent irritation. Finally, rinse off your brushes after using them by spraying them with water and running them through hot water first.

What kind of brush is best for tangles and matted fur?

A detangler brush is the best brush for tangles and matted fur. It has soft bristles designed to loosen knots and tangles without causing damage. Additionally, this brush is often long enough to reach all the sections of your pet’s body where mats may be.

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